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  • [Black MIDI] Synthesia - "Pi" π/3.14 MILLION (3,141,592) ~ TheSuperMarioBros2

    Duration: 3:07 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Black MIDI Synthesia - "Pi" π/3.14 MILLION 3,141,592 ~ TheSuperMarioBros2

    ORIGINAL VIDEO + MIDI DOWNLOAD (by TheSuperMarioBros2): Let me just clarify I did not make this song or MIDI. I just adapted it onto Synthesia by playing the file onto the program. It is a completely original composition by my friend, TheSuperMarioBros2. I urge you to please watch the above video - it is the author's video on Piano From Above. Download the MIDI if you'd like. Happy Pi Day everyone! This day only occurs once every century! Uploaded on 3/14/15 after 9:26:53 AM (EST) SoundFont Used: Z-Doc Acoustic Piano III -- I accidentally used this instead of Z-Doc Yamaha; apologies. Future videos will use the Yamaha. SoundFont Author: Z-Doc R./ZDocPianoPlayer Author Channel: Follow my personal "Jason N." account on Google+ for posts about Black MIDIs in general, and just plain nerdy MIDI stuff. Follow my "Gingeas" page on Google+ for news about Black MIDI videos, new uploads, and comments I post: Facebook: Instagram: TheBlackMIDITeam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TECHNICAL INFORMATION: MIDI Filename: Pi.mid MIDI Size: ~24 MB MIDI Note Count: 3,141,592 MIDI Program: Synthesia 0.8.0 MIDI Synth Used: BASSMIDI Driver (for audio) MIDI Recorder: Bandicam MIDI FPS: Recorded @ 60 FPS MIDI Codec: MPEG-1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Other videos of this MIDI being played: Keep in mind I only track other people's videos by the time of upload. If you do not see your video on this list, it probably means your video was not uploaded at the time of this video's posting, or your video is not reachable with a simple search. If you really want to be included on this list, contact me. Also keep in mind most of my videos are edited for no lag -- I feel this will make a better video where computer performance does not matter (my computer is not as strong as others). A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a computer screen, or while playing videos such as this, may induce an epileptic seizure in these individuals. If you, or anyone in your family, have an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to watching this video.

    +Black+MIDI++Synthesia+-+"Pi"+π /3.14+MILLION++3,141,592++~+TheS uperMarioBros2

  • Pi Song: Expert Level. The Pi Song with 100 Digits

    Duration: 3:15 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Pi Song: Expert Level. The Pi Song with 100 Digits

    Thanks for a million views of The Pi Song! Since I've had a lot of requests, this new extended expert level version of The Pi Song has 100 digits of Pi after the decimal point. Good luck! The Pi Song (Extended Expert Version) by Bryant Oden. A funny song from Songdrops to help you learn and memorize Pi. Original Pi Song: Lyrics to The Pi Song: Expert Level Version V1 They said would you like some pi I said yes I would I forgot they majored in math I would undo it if I could They said: 3.14159 2653589 7932384 626433 V2 They said would you like some more I said that's okay I don't really need to know But they went on any way They said 83 27 95 02 88 41 97 169 V3 I said gee I'm running late sorry I can't stay They said that works out just fine Then walked with me the whole way They said 39 93 75 then 10 58 20 97 49 V4 I said please just make it stop Make it stop right now I can’t take it anymore They said you’ll find a way somehow They said 44 59 23 07 81 64 06 286 V5 So I put some ear plugs in and I ran away They ran ahead with a big sign These were the numbers on display It said: 208 998 628 034 825 342 117 0679

    Pi+Song:+Expert+Level.+The+P i+Song+with+100+Digits

  • The Pi Song: Funny Song to help you memorize Pi

    Duration: 1:25 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    The Pi Song: Funny Song to help you memorize Pi

    The Pi song. NEW EXPERT LEVEL VERSION of The Pi Song has 100 digits! Pi Day is 3.14 year. The Pi Song: A funny song to memorize Pi. By Bryant Oden This song has helped thousands of people memorize the first 25 digits of pi (26 if you count the 3.) You may find listening 2 or 3 times to this short simple song is all it takes to learn it. What is Pi? Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. I was going to do a song that included ALL the digits of pi, but that would have taken forever. ;) I was also going to do a song where I sing Pi backwards, but I didn't know where to start. ;) ;) Lyrics the the funny song, The Pi Song: They said would you like some pie I said yes I would I forgot they majored in math I would undo it if I could They said: 3.14159 2653589 7932384 6264-3-3 More funny songs and challenge songs by Bryant Oden for kids, teens and all ages at

    The+Pi+S ong:+Fun ny+Song+ to+help+ you+memo rize+Pi

  • Pi - #Lider (Official Video)

    Duration: 4:59 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Pi - #Lider Official Video

    Spotify'da Dinle, İtunes'tan Satın Al, Facebook - Twitter - İnstagram - Beat: Ege Özdemir - Mix&Mastering Studio REC. Berker Beko - Klip: Sadık Hazırcı - Kurgu: Caner Şeran

    Pi+-+#Lider++Officia l+Video+

  • Sílabas pa pe pi po pu - El Mono Sílabo - Videos Infantiles - Educación para Niños #

    Duration: 9:05 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Sílabas pa pe pi po pu - El Mono Sílabo - Videos Infantiles - Educación para Niños #

    Sígueme en Facebook Musica original: © Victor y Pablo Escalona 2013 Registrado en ASCAP y SACVEN

    Sílabas+pa+ pe+pi+po+pu+ -+El+Mono+S labo+-+Vide os+Infantile s+-+Educaci n+para+Niñ os+#

  • What Pi sounds like.

    Duration: 3:24 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    What Pi sounds like.

    Check out all my math music here: For Blake's other videos:

    What+Pi+ sounds+l ike.

  • Piñón Fijo - Chu Chu Ua 2015 HD

    Duration: 3:24 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Piñón Fijo - Chu Chu Ua 2015 HD

    No se pierdan esta nueva versión del famoso "Chu Chu Ua"! Piñon en Familia te espera para que bailes y disfrutes con ellos. Esperamos lo disfruten!!! ¡Descargá de forma gratuita UNA NUEVA VIDA, el nuevo CD de Piñón En Familia, desde la nueva página oficial y disfrutá bailando al compás de sus 11 canciones! Una Nueva Vida Yo Tengo Un Saxo Rogadora De Lluvias Lento El Caracol Yo Quiero Ser Murguista Salvador Silbador Agüita Rueda La Rueda Choique El Dedo Es De La Mano Chu Chu Ua Página oficial + Información para contrataciones aquí: Hacé click en los links de abajo para estar al tanto de lo nuevo de Piñon Fijo Seguí a Piñón en Twitter: Hacete fan en Facebook: Suscribite en YouTube:

    Piñón+Fijo+-+Chu+Chu+Ua+20 15+HD

  • Pi ft. Emrah Karakuyu - Komik Olma (Official Video)

    Duration: 4:22 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Pi ft. Emrah Karakuyu - Komik Olma Official Video

    Studio Rec. - Mix&Mastering : Can Volkan - Beat by BronxBeat - Klip : Sadık Hazırcı - Effect : Oğuzhan Kurum ------------------------------------ Facebook - Twitter - İnstagram -

    Pi+ft.+Emrah +Karakuyu+-+ Komik+Olma++ Official+Vid eo+

  • 08 Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel Von Delphi - Pi

    Duration: 5:50 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    08 Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel Von Delphi - Pi

    Das nullte Kapitel - Full Album! Es ist Bestellbar: Kreismusik: JPC: Amazon: iTunes:

    08+Käptn+Peng+&+Die+Tentake l+Von+Delphi+-+Pi

  • "Mathematical PI" (The PI song with lyrics!)

    Duration: 6:36 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    "Mathematical PI" The PI song with lyrics!

    This is a music video of the song "Mathematical Pi" by Ken Ferrier and Antoni Chan. You can find out more and download it here: As stated in the video, I am in no way affiliated with these gentlemen and their great website: EUHUEHUE 3/14/15 9:26:53 I would've made a sequel to this old music video but you know, time is short. I'll probably have a sequel 3.14 years later. I hate Google+ even moreso thanks to it being a requirement to comment on YouTube videos. So I'm using a channel named "RoboMWM" (commenting channel) to reply to comments. Check out the about on my channel if you'd like to verify this channel. (Update: Turns out Google has now made my account a "branding account" so... yea I guess that means I can comment with _this account_ I guess...) ~~~ DISCLAIMER: The PC Tech Guy did not create the song you are about to hear. He also did not create the flash animation part of the video (those videos have tiny text at the bottom). The PC Tech Guy did, however, compile the rest of the video (took about 3 days -- around 5+ hours of editing). He also did cut out a line in the song to make the song suitable for all ages. The flash animation for part of the music video was created by Stephen Toner: The lyrics and song was created by Ken Ferrier and Antoni Chan: ~~~ Wow u r still here m80, y dunt u go scrubscribe 2 mah other channel:

    "Mathematica l+PI"++The+P I+song+with+ lyrics!+

  • Rap Queenz - Pi Röportaj

    Duration: 5:50 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Rap Queenz - Pi Röportaj

    Hip hop kültürü ile tanıştığı İzmir Karaler'den başlayan hikayesini Pi'nin kendisinden dinliyoruz. VooDoo Records 2k17

    Rap+Quee nz+-+Pi+ Röporta j

  • Song from π! (with Sheet Music/HQ Download)

    Duration: 2:13 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Song from π! with Sheet Music/HQ Download

    Pi Song I wrote to help me memorize pi - I figured it would be easier to remember a melody than a string of numbers. Sheet music here: Download the song here: Filmed by Elizabeth Nguyen!

    Song+from+π!++w ith+Sheet+Music/ HQ+Download+

  • G-Pi Nupes Presents: Issa Party! • ♦️ #49Nupes • 📍 [Shot By • Herman Caesar 🎥]

    Duration: 7:46 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    G-Pi Nupes Presents: Issa Party! • ♦️ #49Nupes • 📍 Shot By • Herman Caesar 🎥

    G-Pi Nupes Presents: Issa Party! • ♦️ #49Nupes • 📍 [Shot By • Herman Caesar 🎥] 🚨 OFFICIAL ASU vs SU party , all roads lead to "ISSA PARTY" Saturday, Sept. 23rd | @ Westside Theatre, Port Gibson, MS 39150 | JSU, MVSU, USM, UM, MSU | over 1200 in attendance| FREE NUPE Juice 🍓🍨 while supplies last | Hosted by those GPI NUPES 😈 ahhyessuhh 💦 👌🏾#ISSAPARTYGPI #Alcorn21 #Alcorn20 #Alcorn19 #Alcorn18 ♦️ #RespectTheShooter • 🎥 For Serious Visual Inquiries Today Contact Me At (318) 758-0623 Or • 📲 SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more original material, music video premieres, and more:

    G-Pi+Nup es+Prese nts:+Iss a+Party! +•+♦ ️+#49N upes+• +📍++S hot+By+ +Herma n+Caesar +🎥+

  • Pınar Demirkal [pi] Gel Hadi rap performansi O ses Turkiye

    Duration: 2:26 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Pınar Demirkal pi Gel Hadi rap performansi O ses Turkiye

    [YERLi] Nicki Minaj 4 :)

    Pınar+Demirkal+ +pi++Gel+Hadi+ra p+performansi++O +ses+Turkiye

  • Pi Metal | Pete Cottrell

    Duration: 2:41 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Pi Metal Pete Cottrell

    What happens when you use the decimals of Pi as Guitar Tab? Subscribe: iTunes: Bandcamp: Patreon: Business Contact: petelessons[at]hotmail[dot]com BIG thanks to Patron supporter Richard Nurse who helped make this video possible, YOU ROCK! Become a Patron on Patreon and get extras like Audio Stems, Tabs & Backing tracks for all my videos: Signal Chain/Get the Gear: Ibanez RG: MXR Smart Gate: Digitech Whammy: Airis Effects Savage Drive: Peavey 6505 MH: Positive Grid Bias FX: Two Notes Torpedo Live: Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 2nd Gen: Cubase: Keep in touch: ► Facebook: ► YouTube: ► Twitter:!/peteplaysmusic ► Instagram: ► Ask.FM: ► Tumblr: ► Bandcamp:


  • Kaos kur pi

    Duration: 4:32 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Kaos kur pi

    Kaos+kur +pi

  • Life Of Pi 12: Tsimtsum

    Duration: 3:03 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Life Of Pi 12: Tsimtsum

    Mychael Danna's Tsimtsum From The Life Of Pi Score.



    Duration: 5:15 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps


    If you want to support Delly Benson's ministry, please go to Download his songs on Amazon, Itunes, Cdbaby. Siw vle sipote ministe Delly Benson, ou ka ale telechage mizik li yo sou Amazon, Itunes, Cd baby. Stay Blessed!!

    PI+BON+MOMAN+M+P ASE+SE+AVEW+Dell y+Benson

  • sonte dua me u pi

    Duration: 4:58 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    sonte dua me u pi

    sonte dua me u pi


  • Cash Flow feat. Pi - İzmir Çetesi (Official Video)

    Duration: 4:50 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Cash Flow feat. Pi - İzmir Çetesi Official Video

    HiphoplifePRO kanalına Abone ol! Cash Flow feat. Pi - İzmir Çetesi (Official Video) iTunes: "Gayri Meşhur" albümünü dinlemek için: 03. İzmir Çetesi feat. Pi Saygı görmene sebepse rolex Çok para tarihi kaçırır koleksiyoncu Mikrofon oldu ereksiyon Hepinize diss veresiye lsd yok Sen eskiden de rapçi olsanda Sokaklarda şeklin yok Etkim flow bunun yolu yok Yeraltında operasyon Çado bong vurur dong sesi gelir 7-8-9-10 yıl erir gençliğin Delirme silahı bırak yerine mikrofon elimde sokak organize çalışır beynim dilimle What the fuck getirtme beni oraya Evine girebilir İzmir çetesinin suikast timi Kennedy gibi deli bir melodi Yeni bir jelatin al yedin mi denetimlini Veletin biri diyor Allahın para Para para mara karı yada madafaka Derim sana farketmez İzmir çetesi bu affetmez Riayet edersen katletmez Cinayet kafasında ihanet edenin kirasını öde oy için Bornovayı böleni bölerim öleni gömelim önünü görenin Bu rapi kör edenin etrafını sar Tek gözünü dikeyim tut sözünü s*keyim Çok bekleyin ot çekmeyin Müzik endüstrisine sok tekmeyi Aslanın midesini kesip ekmeğin Birde bu beatin üstünde böyle sekmeyin Helikopter gibi yüksekteyim Siz düştüyseniz beni çekmeyin (Nakarat) Flow bu işin abisi Seni gibi özenti ağzın pussy Çado Pi mikrofonda var uzi Durdurmazsın kabindeki müziği Amcheesei blueberry Moralpartre verdi beati indi peri İzmir çetesi come with me Polislerle tom ve jerry hillmary Dost düşmana dönüşüyor verem edip Arkada kuyumuzu kazan her k*hpeyi Dön kıbleyi ölüyorsun headline beyi Ben geceleri gömüyorum hep dabbeyi Batı yada doğu biri yapar hamleyi Al atını yürü hadi ya Allah Pi Kurukafa ağzında Allah değil Niye rakibin önde e Allah diyim Ateş ederim eli meli Koymayı denemeyin acıtıyor Doğru yol bu yokuşa sürülen Her vagon ince ray Biz üstün süratla kim hızınızla oynuyor Gel birde beni görüp lanetim Zehir akıtıyor Pinin şelalesi Bir gün aklına gelir o cenabetin Hakkımı yedi bu onunda cenazesi Bas bakalım bu kine hangi dağ Kalacak alaca kara çöküyor Hangi bağ kalacak asma suratın Az daha şekil alacak Haz almazsan as beni yani nasıl Nizamdan bir haber o Backlerin arçılı benden çalıyorsun Her stil alçılı hem stil avcısı Yavru tavşan hadi senin tazı kovalıyor Aç lan punchını parçala kendini kimi zaman Hedef ol önüme gel hadi dili yama İpi topu kaç kişi kaldı ki Diri yada arı petek Al buda bal bak elini yala Birde cübbeli takılıyor serseri homo Üstelik eziliyor her seri sonu Rütbesi yok gibi kütlesi bunun Hep deli hüp deli bulup bana getir onu (Nakarat) Söz: Cash Flow & Pi Müzik/Aranje: Moralpartre

    Cash+Flow+feat.+ Pi+-+İzmir+Çet esi++Official+Vi deo+

  • Kate Bush - Pi

    Duration: 10:31 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Kate Bush - Pi

    Kate Bush - Pi


  • After The Burial - Pi (The Mercury God Of Infinity) 2011 Extended Mix

    Duration: 3:53 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    After The Burial - Pi The Mercury God Of Infinity 2011 Extended Mix

    "Pi was written and recorded only a few days before the completion of the Master copy, at around 10 am, with a couple of serious hangovers. Justin and I had talked about having a classical guitar intro (Antonio Lauro -Maria Carolina) into some sort of heavier riffage, but we weren't quite sure what that was exactly going to be.

 We remembered back to a few weeks prior, when we were throwing around an idea of using the mathematical constant Pi, and incorporating it into some sort of complex breakdown pattern where the kick drum corresponded to each number as the figure progressed. Kinda creating the ultimate mind boggler of a riff. The complexity of the intro is often overheard, because it's hard to discern what is actually going on within the track, UNTIL NOW!!! 

 Here's a breakdown of, breakdown, in the intro to our album, "Pi: The Mercury God Of Infinity"

 The actual tempo is 120 beats per minute (bpm). You can hear this by listening for the closed hi-hat that is panned left: it is playing constant eighth-notes.

 The snare is on beat three in 4/4 time at 120 bpm. 

 A crash cymbal accents beat one of the first measure in 4/4. It is repeated every four measures.

Now this is where it gets tricky: the china cymbal. 

It's hard to feel the breakdown in Pi at 120 bpm, and this is mostly due to the china cymbal, which is playing a 4 over 3 (4/3) dotted-eighth note ostinato that begins on the "E" of one.


 Check it out: A quarter note is equal to one beat in 4/4 time, but so are two eighth notes, or 4 sixteenth notes. It's all about subdividing note values.

 When you count a measure of 4/4 in quarter notes, it's: 1, 2, 3, 4. 

When counting in eighth notes, it's: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +. (a plus sign refers to the spoken count "and" ex. "One and two and three and four and") 

When counting in sixteenths, it's: 1 E + A 2 E + A 3 E + A 4 E + A. (Spoken: "One e and a two e and a three e and a four e and a)

So when I say the china starts on the "E" of one, I'm referring to the spoken counting value assigned to the second 16th note in a quarter note duration. 

 A dotted eighth note is a duration of three 16th notes, an ostinato is a persistently repeated pattern. Basically, the china plays on the bold-capitalized letters: 

one E and a TWO e and A three e AND a four E and a ONE e and A etc.

 Starting to get it? Cool. 

At last, the reason Pi is what it is: the Double-bass pattern.

 The formula of Pi for the kick drum was pretty far fetched at first, but seemed to work well once the track was finished. The numbers and rests in the formula translate to 16th notes on the kick drum, and 16th note rests. There is no kick drum beats where there are snare drums. Sooo, here it is:

 With the decimal point BEFORE the number, and starting with the first number, move that many decimal points to the right and insert that many 16th note rests. Use one 16th note rest to divide the numbers you passed (when applicable). Continue on throughout the rest of the figure. No repeats. 

So basically for the first step, you'd place the point (pt) before the first number, three: (pt)3.14159265

 Next you jump the decimal three points to the right: 3.14(pt)159265

 That's where you insert three 16th rests, and insert one 16th note rest between the other numbers you passed: 3(16th rest)1(16th rest)4(dotted-eighth)159265

 Now, your decimal lies in between the 4 and the 1. So, following the formula, you move one point to the right of the 1 and insert one 16th note rest. There are no numbers to separate with single 16th rests, so you move onto the next number, which is 5, and follow the same instructions.

 That's all there is to it! The formula extends out to 71 decimal points 

Oh, and by the way...there's an extra special secret buried within the song that will be up to YOU to figure out :)



UPDATE: The "Pi" section of the song has now been re-recorded 6 years later, and with the new extension it brings the grand total of decimal points to 110."

    After+The+Bu rial+-+Pi++T he+Mercury+G od+Of+Infini ty++2011+Ext ended+Mix

  • P.I - Siakol

    Duration: 4:22 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    P.I - Siakol


  • Pi Ft Ceza - Buda Bi Dans

    Duration: 4:41 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Pi Ft Ceza - Buda Bi Dans

    Pi (RapAngels) ft Ceza - Buda Bi Dans Eski Kayıtlar tekrar yayınlanmıştır ------------------------------------ Facebook - Twitter - İnstagram -

    Pi+Ft+Ceza+-+Buda+Bi +Dans

  • Irrational Number (Pi Part One) - Pi memorization song

    Duration: 4:47 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Irrational Number Pi Part One - Pi memorization song

    Memorize Pi while singing along with this song by Paul Nordquist. The video contains the song lyrics, which include the first 300 or so digits of Pi.

    Irrational+Numbe r++Pi+Part+One++ -+Pi+memorizatio n+song

  • Life of Pi: From page to screen to symphony

    Duration: 2:10 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Life of Pi: From page to screen to symphony

    Ahead of the world premiere of a new orchestral "Life of Pi" Suite with the Toronto Symphony September 19, author Yann Martel and composer Mychael Danna take us through Pi's incredible journey so far. TSO Canada Mosaic: A Canada 150 Signature Project Mosaïque canadienne du TSO: un projet Signature de Canada 150 Web: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

    Life+of+Pi:+From +page+to+screen+ to+symphony

  • Pi's Lullaby - Life of Pi - Bombay Jayashree - Tamil Song

    Duration: 4:38 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Pi's Lullaby - Life of Pi - Bombay Jayashree - Tamil Song

    Nominated for 11 Oscars Sung by :- Bombay Jayashree Composer :- Mychael Danna File Size :- 9mb Format :- MP3 320Kbps

    Pi's+Lullaby +-+Life+of+P i+-+Bombay+J ayashree+-+T amil+Song

  • Khalifah - Hang Pi Mana (Official Music Video HD)

    Duration: 4:25 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Khalifah - Hang Pi Mana Official Music Video HD

    ORDER DVD 'Cerita Kita' online : Order album 'Cerita Kita' online di sini : HANG PI MANA MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW!!! Lagu dari Harry Khalifah dan lirik ditulis oleh Yabang Khalifah. Filming Location : Sekolah Kebangsaan Behrang Thank you all the Teacher and students that help make this Music Video happen : ) Ceriakan pemanggil anda dgn CRT hit ! Hang Pi Mana (Verse) Maxis CRT : Dail *131*514421# , press Call Digi CT : Dail *233*0491297# , press Call Celcom CMT : Dail *888*259891# , press Call UMobile CRT : SMS CRM 5389794 to 28383 Hang Pi Mana (Main Chorus): Maxis CRT : Dail *131*514423# , press Call Digi CT : Dail *233*0491298# , press Call Celcom CMT : Dail *888*259892# , press Call UMobile CRT : SMS CRM 5389795 to 28383 Hang Pi Mana (Ending Chorus) Maxis CRT : Dail *131*514426# , press Call Digi CT : Dail *233*0491299# , press Call Celcom CMT : Dail *888*259893# , press Call UMobile CRT : SMS CRM 5389796 to 28383 Caller ringtone bagi pendengar dari Indonesia! Khalifah – Hang Pi Mana XL : 10345913 kirim ke 1818 Indosat : SET spasi 53087776 kirim ke 808 3 (HTI) : Ketik 2081099 kirim ke 1212 XL : 10345914 kirim ke 1818 Indosat : SET spasi 53087777 kirim ke 808 3 (HTI) : Ketik 2081100 kirim ke 1212 XL : 10345915 kirim ke 1818 Indosat : SET spasi 53087778 kirim ke 808 3 (HTI) : Ketik 2081101 kirim ke 1212 Follow KHALIFAH Instagram: Khalifah Facebook: Follow US !!! Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram : Artist show/event booking: Hadi +6016-217 3665 Email: Subscribe to us at

    Khalifah+-+Hang+ Pi+Mana++Officia l+Music+Video+HD +

  • All-in-One Raspberry Pi Super Budget System

    Duration: 3:20 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    All-in-One Raspberry Pi Super Budget System

    I2S DACs for Raspberry Pi B+, 2, 3: Amplifier: Speaker Cables: Interconnect Cables:

    All-in-One+Raspberry+Pi+ Super+Budget+System

  • Digits of Pi(ano)

    Duration: 2:02 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Digits of Pi ano

    please buy my song on itunes or amazon =) 140 Digits of Pi mapped to notes in C major and played on Piano. (made in 2007, as shown here: Idea for students: Test the power of musical memory: On part of the group is given number Pi up to 40 digits just on paper to memorize in 5 Minutes. The other part of the group can listen separately to 40 digits of Pi as a melody song (the concept has to be explained). Than come back to class an do a contest writing down which group overall does remember more digits! Tutorial for preparing your individual Pi-Song: Choose some of your favorite chords, extract number segments of Pi that fit at least with the first and the last digit of each segment onto the underlying chord, give it a individual rythm, theres your harmonic pi-Song. You can get my music on itunes if you wish to, thanks in advance! Song from π (minimal): just music (made in 2007: I made a playlist "People playing Pi on Piano" - share it if you like: Download mp3 from itunes: Download mp3 from amazon: (US) (Europe) Please subscribe.


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