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  • Earl Sweatshirt featuring Vince Staples & Casey Veggies - Hive

    Duration: 5:50 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt featuring Vince Staples & Casey Veggies - Hive

    Earl Sweatshirt featuring Vince Staples & Casey Veggies - Hive Pre-Order the new album DORIS on iTunes! Director: Hiro Murai Producer: Jason Colon EP: Danielle Hinde DP: Larkin Seiple Editor: Isaac Hagy © 2013 Tan Cressida, Inc., under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

    Earl+Sweatshirt+featuring+Vi nce+Staples+&+Casey+Veggies+ -+Hive

  • Earl Sweatshirt - EARL

    Duration: 3:32 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt - EARL

    Music video for "Earl." From The Album Earl. Download It At Directed by AG Rojas (


  • Earl Sweatshirt - Wind In My Sails

    Duration: 2:21 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt - Wind In My Sails


    Earl+Sweatshirt+-+Wind+I n+My+Sails

  • Samiyam - Earl Sweatshirt - Mirror (Official Video)

    Duration: 3:31 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Samiyam - Earl Sweatshirt - Mirror Official Video

    "Mirror" from the album Animals Have Feelings. Video by Ruff Mercy. Samiyam - Earl Sweatshirt

    Samiyam+-+Earl+Sweat shirt+-+Mirror++Offi cial+Video+

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Hat Trick

    Duration: 3:43 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt - Hat Trick

    s/o to 98nostalgia for the audio give him a follow new Earl performed in Detroit for his RBMA Show at the Movement

    Earl+Sweatsh irt+-+Hat+Tr ick

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Bad Acid (Unreleased)

    Duration: 0:02 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt - Bad Acid Unreleased

    Played on Earl and Knxwledge"s radio show RBMA /// "Bad Acid" is not the official name /// TAGS unreleased earl sweatshirt odd future ofwgkta doris i dont like shit i dont go outside idls idgo rap new live 2016 /// THIS IS NOT MY RECORDING

    Earl+Sweatshirt+ -+Bad+Acid++Unre leased+

  • Earl Sweatshirt -- Drop Lyrics

    Duration: 2:28 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt -- Drop Lyrics

    [Intro: Earl Sweatshirt] I know everyone has their own fucking version of this But no one did it justice, so here we go, uh [Verse 1] Tell your bitch to stop complainin' 'bout her achey tits Her body is a temple, I don't give a fuck, I'm atheist Make me stop, make me bitch, she mad because I taped the shit And sent the tape to Ace and Taco, helps 'em fuckin' 'bate to it Master, master, pretty bitch basher, black and white bitch Mixed like she moo and chew grass or some Concerta Like the shit, I guess I kinda like my bitch If she wasn't a dyke motorcyclist with Tyson lisp Wolf Gang on that drive without a license shit On that take Shake and Meka necks and fuckin' slice them shits Oh how nice, now you wanna say you like the shit Because you bruised up, your neck sliced, and I ain't icin' shit Show me a rapper my age that say he nice as this And I'll show you a faggot that says he hate Barbara Streisand flicks Huh, me and Berman swervin' in the jeep But I'm a nice guy in person, but a pervert in the sheets And I'm magic with the words, murder Merlin over beats Make the competition kiss the fuckin' curb and then they weep [Hook] And then they drop, ha-ha Drop, bitch, drop, drop, drop (Drop, bitch) [Verse 2] Yo, the lambs get silenced and the fans get violent Droppin' live grimey like the hands of Odd Toddlers Fuckin' Awesome arsenal of wolves in the pack I travel in The battle ram, rammin' 'em, rats get to tattlin' Lynn swingin' axes at you antonyms of savages And prayin' that it damages, your hobby's what my passion is Fuck that faggot shit, my niggas on that savage shit Fuckin' the game and shovin' daggers through the ass of it Movin' on to a Jessica, plannin' to make a mess of her After a couple drinks and a session of anal sex with her Like hey there intestines, my cock is erect next to ya We the shit, like what you make, them niggas still ain't fresh as us [Outro] Eat a dick, bitch!

    Earl+Sweatsh irt+--+Drop+ Lyrics

  • Earl Sweatshirt -- Wakeupfaggot/Luper Lyrics

    Duration: 5:41 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt -- Wakeupfaggot/Luper Lyrics

    [Verse 1] Ma said "Wake up son, good morning" I rolled out of bed, greeted mama with a yawn then Paused to scratch an itch and went, down to the kitchen Fixed a plate of eggs and bacon, glass of OJ Simpson Just as I was about to dig in A thought jumped in my head, school was to be attended, shit I paid my thoughts no attention Cause I wasn't tryna kick it with this bitch that just ended it with me But mama wasn't havin it, so I grabbed my bag And split out the door and saw the whore that I'd rather kick It seems kinda brash but it's the hash, I mean the harsh truth She runs shit, she's the jock, I'm the horseshoe She's gorgeous, when niggas see it jaws hit the floor so When she left, it didn't break my heart it broke my torso Making my eyes ache, stalking her MySpace Posted a new pic, I mean it when I say, that I fucking hate you, but [Verse 2] Maybe if you looked in this direction I'd pick my heart up off the floor and put it in my chest then Feel the fucking life, rushing through my body But you got a guy, it's not me, so my wrist is looking sloppy Come on, let's cut the bull like a matador You light me up like lamps a chance is all I'm really asking for Give me one, I promise I'll be back for more Most want to tap and score, I want a fam of four Not like a family of four, just like.. fuck it You'll never listen to this shit anyways, fuck you, bitch [Verse 3] She said "You rushing, you rabid son of a Labrador" But I'm attracted to you like teenyboppers to Apple stores The basement light is darkened and the switchblade is sharpened Her name on my arm and her face on a two percent carton See her face while you're fixing your breakfast And know she's in my basement, objecting to sex with Me murder spree, surges on with the next bitch Tombstones read RIP cause it's pieces they rest in

    Earl+Sweatsh irt+--+Wakeu pfaggot/Lupe r+Lyrics

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean)

    Duration: 3:18 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt - Sunday feat. Frank Ocean

    Earl - Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean) Facebook: Download link: Earl Sweatshirt - Doris

    Earl+Sweatsh irt+-+Sunday ++feat.+Fran k+Ocean+

  • Earl Sweatshirt -- Cool Lyrics

    Duration: 2:27 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt -- Cool Lyrics

    [Verse 1: Earl Sweatshirt] It's the pick of the litter Mobbin' deep in the woods with six other niggers Yellin' at the trees like hey, hi mister I'm Life Litter's official stripe getter Dig this, I'll get a shovel and strike sisters And kick them when the handle starts diggin' in my blisters Sick, cynical, cyanide spitter So when I kick rhymes, my victims die quicker I'm broke, no cheese, my ho's cracker Snort third verse of Pidgeons, I'll show you a dope rapper I'll shit on a nigger with no bladder Then throw it in his eyes to show him he don't matter The night creeper in a nice white Jeep Here with three white divas who snort and like penis I'm hotter than at least five heaters In the middle of the summer with a sleeved wife beater Pure bred degenerate, gentleman Little Aryan nigga with hairy clit for dinner It's Wolf Gang, triple six, niggas on that simple shit I'm on a fuckin' spree burnin' bodies in a rental whip Wolf Gang rad, no bum ass shit So since the fans laggin', now they're tryna come back quick Ask from Dera to Fax, they say fuck that shit We half African swaggin' of course we run that shit [Verse 2: Mike G] I been sick, since I was un-mixed and mastered Blastin' Bastard, screamin' fuck another rapper O.F. soldier, Buffalo Bill, don't think I will But I'm a gunner for the Bills like Tasker I'm the cream of the crop Officers in the trunk with six other cops No way that I'll stop, they'll arrest me after Fix the scene just to put me on screen like an actor Shit, no need to tell me I know it's hot As weather where them bitches wear bikinis with polka-dots It's overly overkill, because my niggas know a lot About tapin' them, rapin' them, throw them overboard from a yacht So now they probably hate me but that's why the fuck I'm here And you really should man up, there's no need to be sincere, faggot Heard that you we're queer, why would you fuck with Wolves That'll leave you on the ground like your rap career? So you don't want it don't start none We're fuckin' Radical, been Fuckin' Awesome Talked a lotta shit so for words you're at a loss Raised enough money just to get someone to kill my boss Now that's a fuckin' suit for hire Hang her higher, light a fire, fuck my former supervisor I'm the truth, you're a liar, blue as clues, I inspire Odd Future muthafucka, I'm your new supplier

    Earl+Sweatshirt+--+C ool+Lyrics

  • Earl Sweatshirt \\ Couch

    Duration: 3:17 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt \\ Couch


  • Earl Sweatshirt - Inside (I Don't Like S**t, I Don't Go Outside)

    Duration: 2:51 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt - Inside I Don't Like S**t, I Don't Go Outside

    Earl Sweatshirt - Inside I do not own this.

    Earl+Sweatshirt+-+Inside ++I+Don't+Like+S**t,+I+D on't+Go+Outside+

  • Earl Sweatshirt ''BURGUNDY'' Music Video

    Duration: 4:48 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt ''BURGUNDY'' Music Video

    DSA PRODUCTIONS.2013 HEY This is a fan based music video for Earl Sweatshirt's song ''Burgundy'' off of his latest album Doris. Stay to more fan based videos for my favorite artists.

    Earl+Sweatshirt+ ''BURGUNDY''+Mus ic+Video

  • Earl Sweatshirt x A$AP Rocky Type Beat [Prod. Rhakim Ali]

    Duration: 3:08 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt x A$AP Rocky Type Beat Prod. Rhakim Ali

    Earl+Sweatshirt+ x+A$AP+Rocky+Typ e+Beat++Prod.+Rh akim+Ali+

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Hat Trick / Human Error

    Duration: 3:46 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt - Hat Trick / Human Error

    Subscribe for that unreleased, underground, and rare rap stuff.

    Earl+Swe atshirt+ -+Hat+Tr ick+/+Hu man+Erro r

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Home (Lyrics + Download)

    Duration: 2:49 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt - Home Lyrics + Download

    Earl Sweatshirt - Home Earl Sweatshirt - Home Earl Sweatshirt - Home Earl Sweatshirt - Home Earl Sweatshirt - Home Download: Lyrics: Self-loathing narcissist Spittin' crowbars out the back window of cars and shit And acting like a klonopin binge-hardening And switching up the moniker of artists into arsonists Knock-knock, it's that prodigal pen-throttle, bitch Popping like the top of a bottle of hot JavaScript Rhyme harder than nine joggers with Shin splints dodging an ornery rhinoceros Order me my waffles and bother me not, blogger The option of being modest just walked to where my father went Ponder how we can holler then spit darker Than Gotham at six bars in the genre then lick shots At imposters and miss nada, Volatile pig brawler Is hotter than lit parliament, send in your fucking army In the parking lot of a Target, I'm targeted, piss-harboring Heart dark as that thick parka I slip markers in Holla if you've never been a starter Spartan kicking jocks and tossing salt at their Ed Hardy shit Burning chops, talking shit, rocking 28's on a rocket ship So I could give a fuck about the car you in, nigga Drooling chew aluminum Blue 'Preme overalls, jump when the Goombas come Some of you should run from where the shooter's come Out for cheese with a studio, it's like a gudda run, it glues to us Shouts to pigeons that I flew amongst Mouth deliver poop, it's spouting mucus from its stupid tongue Alpha male, got the chicken losing in his cruising trunks Losers get a Kuma Punch, I'm moving like a puma's lunch And I'm back.. bye

    Earl+Sweatshirt+ -+Home++Lyrics++ +Download+

  • Earl Sweatshirt - Dat Ass (Lyrics On Screen)

    Duration: 1:11 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt - Dat Ass Lyrics On Screen

    One of Earl's best songs in my opinion. Short and sweet. Subscribe for more dope lyric videos!

    Earl+Sweatshirt+ -+Dat+Ass++Lyric s+On+Screen+

  • Lil Herb - Knucklehead Feat. Earl Sweatshirt (Prod. By Earl Sweatshirt)

    Duration: 4:46 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Lil Herb - Knucklehead Feat. Earl Sweatshirt Prod. By Earl Sweatshirt

    Lil Herb - Knucklehead

    Lil+Herb +-+Knuck lehead+F eat.+Ear l+Sweats hirt++Pr od.+By+E arl+Swea tshirt+

  • Young Ace Bad Ass x Earl Swavey x G Perico x DuLow - iN My Hood (Original Verison) 2017

    Duration: 4:50 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Young Ace Bad Ass x Earl Swavey x G Perico x DuLow - iN My Hood Original Verison 2017

    DL: Young Ace Bad Ass x Earl Swavey x G Perico x DuLow - iN My Hood (Original Verison) Produced by OneTimeBeats

    Young+Ace+Bad+Ass+x+Earl+Swa vey+x+G+Perico+x+DuLow+-+iN+ My+Hood++Original+Verison++2 017

  • Earl Sweatshirt- Knight (Lyrics)

    Duration: 3:15 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Sweatshirt- Knight Lyrics

    [Verse 1: Domo Genesis] Guess with a few exceptions, yeah, I'm living honest Except I promised my momma that I would finish college, started chasing profit Sorry ma, I ain't forget about it but if money evil I'm hoping that you could see through all the drama and watch me get these dollars And my ambition burn so hot, it's like I'm bleeding lava Haters be pleading me to stop but I don't even bother Though my approach is seeming awkward, I could see it proper See success and I just see the fact that I don't need a father Doms hotter than the drop of Harry Potter shit Pedal to the metal, high-level, full throttle shit Still searching for a reason why niggas ain't acknowledge this I'm lost in an era where real shit does not exist I hate the sway of things, I'm everyday cooling it I'm getting blazed and laughing at the way they overdoing shit I'm just a old soul sticking to a newer script I guess I got to prove this shit, I'm truly too legit to quit [Verse 2: Earl Sweatshirt] I'd like to send a shout to the fathers that didn't raise us To every ho who hated, now unable to say much To critics doing dirty with comments and nigga paid for an apartment Yesterday off some songs I haven't yet made up Black Cressida, pay up Bars going hard as the ashtray where I place guts Shouts to the eses who paid pesos to play us, riding in the barrio Huff and puff blowing kush in Huf clothing articles Kenny rolling blunts, got us stuck like a barnacle To the bottom of your shit, ironic cause the audios As nautical as ships, look momma, look momma Look, your product is legit, I promise, honest Karma got me balling up my fist 'Til I demolish your clique, pardon the clips I am honestly as bomb as it gets, regardless of who talking I'm farming, harvesting hits, Just me and Domo and lit Marijuana to split between two of us Rocking boxes easy as warming some ramen noodles up So, searching for a way to state it right Young, black, and jaded, vision hazy strolling through the night

    Earl+Sweatshirt-+Knight+ +Lyrics+

  • Orange Juice - EarlWolf - Odd Future (OFWGKTA)

    Duration: 4:52 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Orange Juice - EarlWolf - Odd Future OFWGKTA

    Earl and Tyler obliterate a Bangladesh beat. Earl's verse: So I'm guessin' there's questions that need adressin' huh? Like how we fresh in our adolescence and wreckin' em. Hear new tracks, he destined to make a mess of em, Snappin' necks and records in matter of seconds check em son. Lost an erection and found it in an aggressive nun. Fuckin' chin-checkin punks 'til he's out of breath and done, No affection, he's doper than cess sessions son Chillin' for a while on a pile of the rest of em. Let the crowd choose who can fuckin' last longer, it's the rap monger, rap monster Earl Sweat attack, conquer. Lose least, niggas lost like the last blanca chica that we picked up at the last concert, Please, get out ya seat, get out ya seat, verses written with scalpels, he's the junior king standin' out shoutin' on the balcony, How come he's not in counseling? Fucker's loud while he's sound asleep Heard he was dope as Sour D. Nigga was Courage cowardly? State Gold, alchemy, nigga we rap's Alpha Team, Mr. Teen and Mr. T with a mouth full of powder and a nose full of chowder, he's chopping up all the doubters, see now watch him count the bodies like bitches be countin' calories Tyler's verse: Fuck with the wolves we startin' to bark viciously, Catch us in a pile of bodies where dead bitches be, Box logo hoodies and goodies from buddies that understand that bastard was buzzin like Woody so we get it for free. Had to duct tape the mother goose the mask was off, I stumbled down a hill then I had Jill jack me off, Harder than my dick when Taylor Swift is in my basement, Cause I've been doin' this since Pooh fucked Christopher Robinson. Wolf Gang knitted on my cotton like some smelly, dirty, rotten nigger picked it from a cotton gin. Do not give a fuck I've got the swagger of a virgin's dick, but if I did it would be bigger than Earl's upper lip, Sip sizzurp, Su-preme on my shizzirt, I munch a bunch of tacos with Waverly's favorite wizard, The favorite nigger turned into Freddy Kruger, And this that raw shit, dead bodies chopped up in the sewer. From the palms of Jeffrey Dahmer, baby mamas said the kicks, Beat like the brown lip balm that was made for Rihanna, All you fuckin' bloggin' faggots yappin' up that extra shit, I'll shove Bastard down your throat, regurgitate my excrement, Them 2dopeboyz is fairies they're Peter like boysenberries, Meet the scary, turn his white ass to a Jim Carrey twin, A fuckin' sausage fest will them shaky niggas get married then, 2dopeboyz don't want beef, they're just overweight vegitarians.

    Orange+Juice +-+EarlWolf+ -+Odd+Future ++OFWGKTA+

  • Captain Murphy - "Between Villains" Ft Viktor Vaughn(DOOM) X Earl Sweatshirt X Thundercat

    Duration: 4:32 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Captain Murphy - "Between Villains" Ft Viktor Vaughn DOOM X Earl Sweatshirt X Thundercat

    "V" Official [AS] Download : Alternate Download: Lyrics: [Verse 1: Viktor Vaughn] Vik, the wild islander, bringing out the child in ya Singing out the silencer with more violence than Heil Hitler He get some looks, some bullshit bull-over, a dusty pullover and a Pulitzer A musty, busted, crusted subwoofer sista Foes is just bluffing, clear your nose from huff puffin' A glutton for bludgeoning blood gushing, here you go, stud muffin It's nothing, get it on the get by Bet it on a dead guy, jet it on the red eye Too many make mistake fillers, not enough live wires Too many fake killers, and jive sires Dropped these bombs on a critic from a grass knoll Everybody got one, your moms is a asshole S.O.B. and smug to the utmost Cut it close and catch a slug to the gut boss, word to Thutmose What's worse, clutch your purse close lady We get more cheese bread for the baby, toast to Grady, one-eighty [Verse 2: Earl Sweatshirt] I'm in the cut looking for some puss to pick apart Dirty like us riding in the whip that really isn't ours Storming out the door, don't press record, I hate my fucking voice Trying to kill that noise, performing fill that void slightly I'm swimming in water that's been dicy since landing And I'm owing these niggas nothing Like all that I've been handed for free, don't pan your cameras to me Ho, don't command me to speak Got these little niggas swinging from the banister, on Fax in his pajamas Walking slow because the camels keep his stamina weak And you could catch him like some halibut after a bad accident Trying to get jaw-jacked right where the catheter peeks out Villain, Earl, and Captain in command of your street now Rapping good as motherfucking janitors sweep now Getting business handled, get the cannabis cheap now It's a bunch of nuggets on him like it's sand on a beach towel [Verse 3: Captain Murphy] Captain's back (yay!), so go on put your mic away (Where?) Inside a microwave (oh) When I die, I bet you Mike'll wave (tee-hee) We blowing bubbles at the pearly gates Took a selfie with the king but only see my face I'm writing darker pieces in my thesis I'm hiding in the park with all your nieces Trading head for Reeses Pieces Interject in niggas' verses with this book of witches curses I cast a spell upon your bitches but my thirst is for the hearses I'm spilling out my innards To these n-words, journey inwards Caught her quarter past the moment Got a cord of past opponents In a fragment of a moment man I killed that rap then owned it Hope to overtake the planet, with my banana in a hammock Bitch manic parents panic, I'm a mechanic with these patterns Propagandic with that chatter, matter of fact the Madder Hatter Never mind the hammer, manners out the window Pump crescendo, puff the endo, I'm Lou Ferrigno Just pretendo, don't ask him where the pen go Cause the pencil got me paper paid and paydirt made them paint her With the mask and faded sweatshirt, nothing lesser Bet you'll never ever guess what i left under the dresser Hid a message in the 808 to pester all the Heshers

    Captain+ Murphy+- +"Betwee n+Villai ns"+Ft+V iktor+Va ughn+DOO M++X+Ear l+Sweats hirt+X+T hunderca t

  • Schubert - Der Erlkönig [魔王] (complete version.)

    Duration: 4:14 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Schubert - Der Erlkönig 魔王 complete version.

    Baritone: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. If you don't know German, you should check out the lyrics in English. You will then be able to appreciate & enjoy the piece much more!

    Schubert +-+Der+E rlkönig ++魔王 +++compl ete+vers ion.+

  • Hit the ground with the earl Trio

    Duration: 3:29 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Hit the ground with the earl Trio

    Live at the Trio Live

    Hit+the+grou nd+with+the+ earl+Trio

  • Spiral Bound by Earl Correy

    Duration: 5:58 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Spiral Bound by Earl Correy Purchase: SW Ancient Flute by Kuzin Bruce Flutes #NaturesEdgeMusic #SpiralBound

    Spiral+Bound+by+Earl+Cor rey

  • Steve Earl Tribute (16) - Down The Road - Vic Stanley

    Duration: 4:31 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Steve Earl Tribute 16 - Down The Road - Vic Stanley

    Steve+Earl+Tribute++16++-+Do wn+The+Road+-+Vic+Stanley

  • Earl Washboard Sally Interview

    Duration: 2:36 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Washboard Sally Interview

    Zydeco Lady, Lola Love interviews Earl Washboard Sally at the Ardenwood Cajun/Zydeco Festival in Fremont, California on August 11, 2012. ************************************************************ Pictures, Interviews & Online Web Promotion by Rod Sias, Lola Love and Rob Ricks in conjunction with The Zydeco Historical & Preservation Society, Lethal Media Productions, and Zydeco Authentica. BOOKINGS: Need help booking a Zydeco/Southern Soul/Blues Band? Need Video/Audio Promo? Call: 337-381-0592 or Email The Zydeco Workout, featuring the BEST of Zydeco, Southern Soul and The Blues. LIVE on SUNDAYS: 12:30pm-3pm (PST) in the Bay Area at 90.1FM KZSU (2:30pm cst) More info at: or Follow us on TWITTER: LIKE us on FACEBOOK: Zydeco Authentica, LLC., All Rights Reserved


  • Earl Grey - Hollow (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

    Duration: 3:09 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Earl Grey - Hollow OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

    Dreambound ________________________________ Artist: Earl Grey Song: Hollow Album: Single (2016) Hometown: Mönchengladbach, Germany Website: ________________________________ Lyrics: The flesh that covers bone The mind inside Sometimes a soul And nothing happens but live drives mad The people here are already dead I clear my mind with death in sight And all the things I've left behind Are present now As I see lifeless eyes Watching me Surrounding me I'm hollow as the words you speak So tenderly I'm flattered Every night Restless eyes watching me Always ignoring everything and everyone Around me That's how I like to deal with things I still got hope to carry on Not to lay my neck On the railroad tracks Your job, your wife Your husband, your shit life Still got home to carry on Get me through this Just get me through this I lie wide awake While the mad men sleep Because I try to forget What my mind tries to keep While all the fear Of wasted years Laughs between my toes ________________________________ Credits: Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sean Duddy. Filmed, directed and edited by Bradley James Allen.

    Earl+Grey+-+Holl ow++OFFICIAL+MUS IC+VIDEO+

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