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  • Ebb ~ Life is on tv

    Duration: 5:09 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Ebb ~ Life is on tv

    Ebb ~ Life is on tv

    Ebb+~+Life+i s+on+tv

  • Ebb: Life Is On TV

    Duration: 5:47 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Ebb: Life Is On TV

    The classic, award-winning debut album 'Loona' by Ebb including 2 bonus-tracks on hfn music - download or stream:



    Duration: 5:34 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps




  • Brent Barrett LIFE IS: The Music of Kander & Ebb.m4v

    Duration: 7:30 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Brent Barrett LIFE IS: The Music of Kander & Ebb.m4v

    Clips from the concert at The Liceu, in Barcelona

    Brent+Ba rrett+LI FE+IS:+T he+Music +of+Kand er+&+Ebb .m4v

  • The Best Kander & Ebb Song Ever!

    Duration: 2:26 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    The Best Kander & Ebb Song Ever!

    Latrina declares this to be the best song John Kander & Fred Ebb ever wrote, and you KNOW Latrina never makes misstaiks! It's from their obscure early Broadway show starring Liza Minelli, "Flora the Red Menace". When was the last time you heard anyone mention THAT Broadway musical? It's sung here by Broadway beauty Marin Mazzie in a PBS tribute to the composers. This is a beautiful, touching love song. Absolutely beautiful.


  • Larry and His Flask - Ebb and Flow

    Duration: 5:05 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Larry and His Flask - Ebb and Flow

    Ebb and Flow, Track 7 off the Larry and His Flask album All That We Know. I do not claim rights to this song, just want people to hear it.

    Larry+and+Hi s+Flask+-+Eb b+and+Flow

  • The Righteous Brothers - Little Latin Lupe Lu (Shindig)

    Duration: 2:57 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    The Righteous Brothers - Little Latin Lupe Lu Shindig

    They weren't brothers, but Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield (both born in 1940) were most definitely righteous, defining (and perhaps even inspiring) the term "blue-eyed soul" in the mid-'60s. The white Southern California duo were an established journeyman doo wop/R&B act before an association with Phil Spector produced one of the most memorable hits of the 1960s, "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'." The collaboration soon fell apart, though, and while the singers had some other excellent hit singles in a similar style, they proved unable to sustain their momentum after just a year or two at the top. When Medley and Hatfield combined forces in 1962, they emerged from regional groups the Paramours and the Variations; in fact, they kept the Paramours billing for their first single. By 1963, they were calling themselves the Righteous Brothers, Medley taking the low parts with his smoky baritone, Hatfield taking the higher tenor and falsetto lines. For the next couple of years they did quite a few energetic R&B tunes on the Moonglow label that bore similarity to the gospel/soul/rock style of Ray Charles, copping their greatest success with "Little Latin Lupe Lu," which became a garage-band favorite covered by Mitch Ryder, the Kingsmen, and others. Even on the Moonglow recordings, Bill Medley acted as producer and principal songwriter, but the duo wouldn't break out nationally until they put themselves at the services of Phil Spector. Spector gave the Wall of Sound treatment to "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'," a grandiose ballad penned by himself, Barry Mann, and Cynthia Weil. At nearly four minutes, the song was pushing the limits of what could be played on radio in the mid-'60s, and some listeners thought they were hearing a 45 single played at 33 rpm due to Medley's low, blurry lead vocal. No matter; the song had a power that couldn't be denied, and went all the way to number one. The Righteous Brothers had three more big hits in 1965 on Spector's Philles label ("Just Once in My Life," "Unchained Melody," and "Ebb Tide"), all employing similar dense orchestral arrangements and swelling vocal crescendos. Yet the Righteous Brothers-Spector partnership wasn't a smooth one, and by 1966 the duo had left Philles for a lucrative deal with Verve. Medley, already an experienced hand in the producer's booth, reclaimed the producer's chair, and the Righteous Brothers had another number one hit with their first Verve outing, "(You're My) Soul and Inspiration." Its success must have been a particularly bitter blow for Spector, given that Medley successfully emulated the Wall of Sound orchestral ambience of the Righteous Brothers' Philles singles down to the smallest detail, even employing the same Mann-Weil writing team that had contributed to "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'." It's a bit of a mystery as to why the Righteous Brothers never came close to duplicating that success during the rest of their tenure at Verve. But they would only have a couple of other Top 40 hits in the 1960s ("He" and "Go Ahead and Cry," both in 1966), even with the aid of occasional compositions by the formidable Goffin-King team. In 1968 Medley left for a solo career; Hatfield, the less talented of the pair (at least from a songwriting and production standpoint), kept the Righteous Brothers going with Jimmy Walker (who had been in the Knickerbockers). Medley had a couple of small hits in the late '60s as a solo act, but unsurprisingly neither "brother" was worth half as much on their own as they were together. In 1974 they reunited and had a number three hit with "Rock and Roll Heaven," a tribute to dead rock stars that some found tacky. A couple of smaller hits followed before Medley retired from performing for five years in 1976. The Righteous Brothers continued to tour the oldies circuit off and on in the 1980s and 1990s. It was while on one of these tours that Bobby Hatfield died suddenly on November 5, 2003. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide PLEASE NOTE: I divided my uploads among multiple channels, Bookmark this link in your browser for instant access to an index with links to all of John1948's oldies classics. LINK:

    The+Righteou s+Brothers+- +Little+Lati n+Lupe+Lu++S hindig+

  • Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Ebb Tide"

    Duration: 5:25 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Ebb Tide"

    Music video from LP/CD/DVD-A "The Letting Go". Directed by Jennifer Parsons.

    Bonnie+'Prince'+Bill y++"Ebb+Tide"

  • Funny Kander & Ebb song from "Chicago": [Whatever Happened to] "CLASS"

    Duration: 3:56 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Funny Kander & Ebb song from "Chicago": Whatever Happened to "CLASS"

    Another fine John Kander & Fred Ebb song from "Chicago", here sung by Broadway legend and icon Chita Rivera with Marin Mazzie during a PBS tribute to the composers.

    Funny+Kander+&+Ebb+song+from +"Chicago":++Whatever+Happen ed+to+++"CLASS"

  • || Nagi no Asukara || OP 2「ebb and flow」- lyrics eng / romaji 【HD】

    Duration: 2:35 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Nagi no Asukara OP 2「ebb and flow」- lyrics eng / romaji 【HD】

    Nagi no Asukara 凪のあすから OP 2 WITH LYRICS eng / romaji check my art channel : I don't own anything in the video, including the audio and picture. The credits go to the respective owners. This video is purely fan-made (image and audio editing), and will not be used for profit or illegal sharing.

    +++Nagi+no+A sukara++++OP +2「ebb+and +flow」-+ly rics+eng+/+r omaji+【HD

  • Liza Minnelli - CABARET 1991

    Duration: 4:56 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Liza Minnelli - CABARET 1991

    Liza Minnelli - CABARET ● Music: John Kander ● Lyrics: Fred Ebb ● AZNAVOUR & MINNELLI - Live at PARIS PALAIS DES CONGRÈS 1991 ● What good is sitting alone In your room? Come hear the music play! Life is a Cabaret, old chum! Come to the Cabaret! Put down the knitting, the book and the broom, it's time for a holiday! Life is a Cabaret, old chum! Come to the Cabaret! Come taste the wine, come hear the band, come blow a horn, start celebrating, right this way, your table's waiting! What good's permitting some prophet of doom to wipe every smile away! Life is a Cabaret, old chum, come to the Cabaret! I used to have a girlfriend known as Elsie, with whom I shared a four sordid rooms in Chelsea. She wasn't what you'd call a blushing flower, as a matter of fact she rented by the hour. The day she died the neighbors came to snicker! Well, that's what comes from too much pills and liquor! But when I saw her laid out like a queen, she was the happiest corpse I'd ever seen! I think of Elsie to this very day, I remember how she'd turn to me and say "What good is sitting all alone in you room? Come hear the music play! Oh, life is a Cabaret, old chum, come to the Cabaret!" And as for me! Ha! And as for me, I made my mind up, back in Chelsea, when I go! I'm not going like Elsie! Start by admitting, from cradle to tomb, it isn't that a long a stay! Life is a Cabaret, old chum! It's only a Cabaret, old chum! And I love a Cabaret!

    Liza+Min nelli+-+ CABARET+ 1991

  • Ebb - "Silent Lucy" - Live at Pigalle Club, London

    Duration: 5:08 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Ebb - "Silent Lucy" - Live at Pigalle Club, London

    Recorded 5th of March 2007 at the Pigalle Club in London, where Ebb performed to an invite only audience. Band includes Marika on cello, Magnus on guitar, and Melnyk on beats and production. Original version of "Silent Lucy" taken from the album "Loona".

    Ebb+-+"Silent+Lu cy"+-+Live+at+Pi galle+Club,+Lond on

  • PnB Rock - Unforgettable (Freestyle)

    Duration: 2:03 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    PnB Rock - Unforgettable Freestyle

    PnB Rock - Unforgettable Free Download - Download / Stream Goin Thru The Motions: Follow PnB Rock:

    PnB+Rock +-+Unfor gettable ++Freest yle+

  • My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult "Sex On Wheels" ‌‌ - Bohemia Afterdark

    Duration: 4:04 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult "Sex On Wheels" ‌‌ - Bohemia Afterdark

    NEW Channel! Come Subscribe to Bohemia Afterdark's NEW Channel! We will be unlocking more of the music vault! ​​ The duo's initial project was to make a movie (in the style of Russ Meyer and John Waters) to be named "My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult." The movie never got off the ground, but McCoy and Mann used the aborted movie's title for the name of their just-formed group, as their over-the-top stage show was best described as "sensory overload" (featuring a revolving door of weird characters, props, and intense visuals). Signing on with Chicago's renowned industrial dance label Wax Trax! ‌‌ Bohemia Afterdark is a channel for music lovers that remember the alternative, grunge and hip hop music from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Music featured on BVMTV during that time typically was not seen anywhere else. Subscribe to the NEW Bohemia Afterdark channel as we work through our library of thousands of music videos, interviews, events and more. Want to be featured on BVMTV? Submit your band info to the email address below as we would love to hear more about you and your music. email: Bohemia Afterdark launched on TVs in 1982 and operated in Phoenix, AZ, but early history is unknown until 1990 when they moved to Portland, Oregon. In 1992 they began airing on KPDX Portland and then they move to KWBP in 1994. In 1995 they began airing on 22 Network One affiliates. In 1997 Network One shut down and the service moved to KOIN and in 2001, the service moved back to Phoenix, airing on KASW, then in 2002, moved to KPHO-TV. In 2003 they got their own station, KPHE-LP, at the time broadcasting on channel 19 in Mesa, Arizona, and changed their name to Bohemia Visual Music. KPHE moved to channel 44 in Phoenix in 2005.[2] Bohemia Visual Music changed their name to 24-7 Videos for a few months from mid-2005 to early-2006, then reverted to Bohemia Visual Music. Be sure to subscribe to the new BVMTV channel for more videos from the Bohemia Music Vault! BVMTV Website: BVMTV Facebook: BVMTV Twitter BVMTV Digg BVMTV Tumblr BVMTV Myspace

    My+Life+ with+the +Thrill+ Kill+Kul t+"Sex+O n+Wheels "+‌‌ +-+Bohem ia+After dark


    Duration: 3:56 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps


    Check out KRNFX Here: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks For watching! Click Here To Join The Family! ► Check us out at *******Follow Us******* VINE - TWITTER - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - YOUTUBE - SNAPCHAT - EhBeeFamily TWITCH - Eh Bee Family Clothing: Music Mostly Provided By: Kevin Mcleod at


  • Bonnie Milligan - "Maybe this Time" (Cabaret; Kander & Ebb)

    Duration: 2:15 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Bonnie Milligan - "Maybe this Time" Cabaret; Kander & Ebb

    BELTING BONNIE'S BON VOYAGE August 16, 2014 - 54 Below Music direction by Andy Einhorn Filmed by Shoshana Feinstein -

    Bonnie+Milligan+ -+"Maybe+this+Ti me"++Cabaret;+Ka nder+&+Ebb+

  • Jerry Colonna Ebb Tide 2/16/54

    Duration: 3:10 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Jerry Colonna Ebb Tide 2/16/54

    Bob Hope introduces Jerry Colonna, who sings his inimitable rendition of Ebb Tide. From the Bob Hope comedy special on NBC-TV., Feb. 16, 1954.

    Jerry+Colonna+Ebb+Tide++2/16 /54

  • Ebb - I'm All Made of Music

    Duration: 5:16 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Ebb - I'm All Made of Music

    Promo video for the single "I'm All Made of Music" by Ebb. Taken from his top 20 debut album "Loona".

    Ebb+-+I'm+All+Ma de+of+Music

  • All That Jazz - Shirley Bassey (1998 Viva Diva TV Special)

    Duration: 4:31 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    All That Jazz - Shirley Bassey 1998 Viva Diva TV Special

    1998 (Viva Diva TV Special) Shirley performs this classic song from the musical, Chicago, on her TV Special) ABOUT the Musical, Chicago: Chicago is a Kander and Ebb musical set in Prohibition-era Chicago. The music is by John Kander with lyrics by Fred Ebb and a book by Ebb and Bob Fosse. The story is a satire on corruption in the administration of criminal justice, and the concept of the "celebrity criminal". The musical is based on a 1926 play of the same name by reporter Maurine Dallas Watkins about actual criminals and crimes she reported on. The original Broadway production opened June 3, 1975 at the 46th Street Theatre and ran for 936 performances. Bob Fosse choreographed the original production, and his style is strongly identified with the show. Chicago's 1996 Broadway revival holds the record for the longest-running musical revival on Broadway (not counting the revue Oh! Calcutta!) and is Broadway's sixth longest-running show. As of January 12, 2010, it has played for more than 5,400 performances. The revival was followed by a production on London's West End theatre and several tours and international productions. An Academy Award-winning film version of the musical was released in 2002, directed by Rob Marshall and starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger, Richard Gere, and Queen Latifah. The musical Chicago is based on a play of the same name by reporter Maurine Dallas Watkins, who was assigned to cover the 1924 trials of murderesses Beulah Annan and Belva Gaertner for the Chicago Tribune. Annan, the model for the character of Roxie Hart, was 23 when she was accused of the April 3, 1924, murder of Harry Kalstedt. The Tribune reported that Annan played the foxtrot record "Hula Lou" over and over for two hours before calling her husband to say she killed a man who "tried to make love to her". She was found "not guilty" on May 25, 1924. Velma is based on Gaertner, who was a cabaret singer. The body of Walter Law was discovered slumped over the steering wheel of Gaertner's abandoned car on March 12, 1924. Two police officers testified that they had seen a woman getting into the car and shortly thereafter heard gunshots. A bottle of gin and an automatic pistol were found on the floor of the car. Gaertner was acquitted on June 6, 1924. Lawyers William Scott Stewart and W. W. O'Brien were models for a composite character in Chicago, "Billy Flynn" The song "All That Jazz" - a number in homage to famous speakeasy owner Texas Guinan (Velma) John Kander and Fred Ebb began work on the musical score, modeling each number on a traditional vaudeville number or a vaudeville performer. This format made explicit the show's comparison between "justice", "show-business", and contemporary society. Ebb and Fosse penned the book of the musical, with Fosse also directing and doing the choreography. LYRICS: Come on babe we're gonna paint the town and all that jazz I'm gonna rouge my knees and roll my stockings down and all that jazz Start the car I know a whoopee spot Where the gin is cold but the piano's hot! It's just a noisy hall Where there's a nightly brawl And all that jazz Slick your hair And wear your buckle shoes And all that Jazz I hear that Father Dipp is gonna blow the blues And all that Jazz Hold on, hon We're gonna bunny hug I bought some aspirin Down at United Drug I case you shake apart And want a brand new start With all that Jazz Oh, you're gonna see your sheba shimmy shake And all that jazz Oh, she's gonna shimmy 'till her garters break And all that jazz Show her where to park her girdle Oh, her mother's blood'd curdle If she'd hear her baby's queer For all that jazz Find a flask We're playing fast and loose And all that jazz Right up here Is where I store the juice And all that jazz Come on, babe We're gonna brush the sky I bet you luck Lindy Never flew so high 'Cause in the stratosphere How could he lend an ear to all that jazz? No, I'm no one's wife But, Oh, I love my life And all that Jazz! That Jazz!

    All+That+Jazz++- ++Shirley+Bassey ++1998+Viva+Diva +TV+Special+

  • Ebb and Flow Tv Ver 【Kray狼】

    Duration: 2:31 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Ebb and Flow Tv Ver 【Kray狼】

    Love this song after watching this anime... So i made a cover for this. Its a tv version btw... Enjoy Best with headphone._. Bgm: Nagi no Asukara 凪のあすから OP 2 / Opening 2 "ebb and flow" by Ray. Pic: *No copyright infringement intended. I do not own any of the above except my own voice.

    Ebb+and+Flow +Tv+Ver+【K ray狼】

  • Persona 5 - Life Will Change "Epic Metal" Cover (Little V)

    Duration: 5:52 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Persona 5 - Life Will Change "Epic Metal" Cover Little V

    Here's my Epic Metal Cover of Life Will Change from Persona 5! 👇Download the song here👇 iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: Amazon: Patreon: Twitter: Bandcamp: Twitch: Little V proudly endorses Jericho Guitars, and Timber Tones Guitar Picks:

    Persona+5+-+ Life+Will+Ch ange+"Epic+M etal"+Cover+ +Little+V+

  • Kander and Ebb Sing Ring Them Bells

    Duration: 6:52 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Kander and Ebb Sing Ring Them Bells

    Here, John Kander and Fred Ebb perform their song "Ring Them Bells". Great!

    Kander+and+Ebb+S ing+Ring+Them+Be lls

  • Melody Note (Renata Kirilchuk) - ebb and flow (russian cover) Nagi no Asukara OP-2 tv-size

    Duration: 2:32 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Melody Note Renata Kirilchuk - ebb and flow russian cover Nagi no Asukara OP-2 tv-size

    ------------------------CHECK THE DESCRIPTION ------------------------------ MP3: Vocals,video and mix: Melody Note Russian lyrics: Cleo-chan Harmonies: RIRICHiYO Original song by Ray Find my friends here: Cleo-chan // RIRICHiYO // Find me: Пожертвования // Донат // Donation Моя страничка на Patreon // My Patreon Page: Для предложения сотрудничества: Для предложения песен: Для предложений по озвучке: Вопросы для стримов можно задать здесь: ------------------------------------ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All rights belong to their respective owners

    Melody+Note++Renata+Kiri lchuk++-+ebb+and+flow++r ussian+cover++Nagi+no+As ukara+OP-2+tv-size

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