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  • Roll Gypsy Roll - lynyrd skynyrd (with lyrics)

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    Roll Gypsy Roll - lynyrd skynyrd with lyrics

    Ridin' on a greyhound, countin' those white lines Destination I don't know and I'm feelin' like I'm dyin' Well ten years on this road, my its took its toll But the man with the plan says the band has got to go I said roll gypsy roll Lord just pick up your bags and go Met many a woman on my way down the line Every woman that I met I left satisfied I made lots of money, just how much I don't know But most of the money I done stuck up my nose I said roll gypsy roll Lord just pick up your bags and go Gypsy's life's a story and its one that's never told He's always hungry, he's always on the go With no tomorrow, its how it seems to be When you're moving around from town to town Made lots of money just how much I don't know But most of the money I done stuck up my nose And maybe that's the reason I don't know where I'm going I don't know

    Roll+Gypsy+R oll+-+lynyrd +skynyrd++wi th+lyrics+

  • Anything Country Folk Love Song 2013

    Duration: 5:35 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Anything Country Folk Love Song 2013

    I would do anything for you ... New MP3 Releases in Country Albums Music: Demo song "Anything " by Starburn - Immeh J Creative Commons Attribution Pictures: Photoshoot - Tom & Lucy by Nathan O'Nions

    Anything++Country+Folk+Love+Song +2013

  • itchycoo park - the small faces

    Duration: 3:46 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    itchycoo park - the small faces

    itchycoo park - the small faces

    itchycoo+park+-+the+small+fa ces

  • Karen Tweed - The Quiet Kings

    Duration: 2:57 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Karen Tweed - The Quiet Kings

    Vic Kings 60th Birthday Surprise Michelangelo's Restaurant Ryde Monday 16th June. Fitting tune for Vic's birthday which was actually on Saturday 14th, right in the middle of the festival. Karen wrote this tune about six years ago and its a prime example of where she is coming from, a very special place indeed. She thanked Vic just after this air for introducing her to the island and so say all of us. Vic is the "king" pin of Vaguely Sunny Promotions and has been booking bands on the island since the 70's. In the beginning there were three guys on a mission to promote rock music on the Island, Vic King, Pete Turner And Mike Plumbly. They attended the Isle Of Wight Technical College together Pete and Vic ran the students union in those days and that's where they got there first experiences in booking bands. Pete I think it was had a dream in those days of writing the Isle of Wight Rock Archives but then marriage and family life and work became the order of the day. Time went by and in 1995 on the 25th anniversary of the Afton Down Isle of Wight Festival, The Isle Of Wight Rock Archives were published after two and a half years hard research and with Mikes experience in graphic design and publishing, it wasn't a problem. It was a limited edition, a thousand copies I think and after the launch at Northwood House it soon sold out creating a budget. A new name was required as, IOW Rock Archives didn't look right on gig advertising etc. and in 1996 Vaguely Sunny was born after a telephone conversation by the then secretary Lynn Clarke to the mainland, when asked what the weather was like on the Island she replied, vaguely sunny, it stuck. These boys were pushing hard in those days to revive the festival with promotions like Bring Back The Festival at Newport football club but to no avail, the council, Boo Ooh, weren't having it. In 1998 they changed there direction and booked Fairport Convention to Medina Theatre, the council began to play ball and all manner of musical events started to materialise all over the island with local musicians involved in various venues indoors and out. Even little old me who had just started to play went on the boards for a couple of half hour sets one weekend at Ventnor Winter Gardens and again one Saturday afternoon in St Thomas's square in Newport (an act had cancelled at the last minute and I happened to be there) all thanks to Vic King. The rest is unwritten history , I think ? Pete retired from Vaguely a couple of years back and started his own Sea Pie Promotions, Mike is still backwards and forwards from the mainland and gigs are still being booked (there's well over 200 been booked to date). Old mate Tony O'Nions helps on admin and stuff. Well I think I've got it right,. If any of the boys would like to add or edit please let me know and long may you all run,

    Karen+Tweed+-+The+Quiet+ Kings

  • [Drum & Bass] Fox Stevenson & Feint - Everything's Wrong

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    Drum & Bass Fox Stevenson & Feint - Everything's Wrong

    I've been following Fox Stevenson (Stan SB) for some time now, and I must say he always amazes me with his music. Please check the links below and support these great artists! You can check his Free EP here: ♫ Free Download(s) ♫ - (Option 1) - (Option 2) ◥ Support Fox Stevenson Soundcloud → Facebook → Twitter → Youtube → ◥ Support Feint Soundcloud → Facebook → Twitter → ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◥ Picture author → Nathan O'Nions → ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ You can follow me on Facebook → Facebook ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ If any producer or label has an issue with any upload please get in touch ( and it will be removed immediately (this also includes artists of the images used).

    +Drum+&+Bass++Fox+Steven son+&+Feint+-+Everything 's+Wrong

  • Alpha Riff - From Beta to Alpha Riff - Collision of Past Presents Future feat. Force of Will

    Duration: 4:50 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Alpha Riff - From Beta to Alpha Riff - Collision of Past Presents Future feat. Force of Will

    A captain and his computer crash land on a planet. BUY THE NEW ALBUM NOW -- FROM BETA TO ALPHA RIFF FEATURING BEEFY, 1UP, MC OHM-I, BRAD WARD, LMC, CRYSTAL HART, TRISTA KINMAN, FORCE OF WILL, AND MORE! -- BANDCAMP ( Website: Bookings: Contact: Music: Bandcamp: SoundCloud: Reverbnation: iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: CDBaby: Last.FM: Spotify: Albums: From Beta to Alpha Riff: Mixtapes: D.O.R.K.: G.E.E.K.: N.E.R.D.: Leftovers: No Rest For The Nerdy: Merchandise: Bandcamp: Videos: Music Videos -- Shorts/Movies -- Interact: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @AlphaRiffMusic Computer: Captain... we've arrived safely. Captain: Computer... what in the hell is this place? Computer: It appears to be your pasts present future. Captain: ... All right... Time machines to the future and back again It's the plan for this lonely capi-tain Holed up with no human, robo compan-nions Crash land on that planet with oceans, sand, and sim-mians On the menu, a solitary preview of this EPOCH Golden wings lie, a future so septic I've seen the battle of my outcomes Or is that the outcomes of my battles It's hard to figure which ones to straddle To pinpoint accurately for the log, so addled Gallifreyan, forced to live through these millennia bells I'm Lenne-ing square and fair but it's no rainbow shell Reptilian planet life mixed with human plight Zealous magical kingdoms taking flight Black oceans as deep as a lavender heart Used for parts when there's nothing else to get the ship to start T.A.R.D.I.S. Distress, flightless, the edge of universal extremes my dearest The L.A.V.O.S. A collisions of past presents the future and you have my heart no less Fragmented ideas from a hundred million years Would you go back to replace my tears? Clones and dolls and other sweet gestures Or maybe leaving me there was always the answer? Janus to Schala, a Rose down a River Absolute adventure, servitude indentured Love is not a guess for the best with two hearts in his chest Tick, tick, tick, tock of a never-ending clock We were only seconds from a prehistoric stop It gave out at the End of Time, trans-dim life lines Our only crime, was that we couldn't stand the test of time From A.D. to B.C, the war of all things Leading to our cyber crimes I could have tractor beamed it back to the beginning But it was too late and what has been written will be written Despite all my scheming And now you're leaving... now you're leaving...

    Alpha+Riff+-+From+Beta+t o+Alpha+Riff+-+Collision +of+Past+Presents+Future +feat.+Force+of+Will

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