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  • Carbon Maestro - Lunar Pirate (ft. MEMJ and Eilemonty)

    Duration: 4:41 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Carbon Maestro - Lunar Pirate ft. MEMJ and Eilemonty

    Comment via Reddit: Artist/Lyrics: Carbon Maestro Genre: Musical/Orchestral Album: A Beautiful Heart (Seeds of Kindness III) Lyrics: [MEMJ] Daytime sleeps and dreams of night while beauty flanks your bed. White-Blue stars soar skyward yearning love your heart misread. Night burns bright and blends with shadow, fills your heart with gloom. Princess Luna, roamer of dreams, steal my heart and bloom. . . Dance with me, Sing with me, Play with me, Fly with me, Run with me, Trot with me, Laugh with me, Steal from me. . . [EileMonty] X2 All deckhands on deck! Swasher and blackjack! Peel off to port tack! Hearties go find me gold! All deckhands on deck! Swasher and blackjack! Peel off to port tack! Blimey, you got me sold! Pirate Luna, come steal my heart made of gold. Live in my dream, we'll fight scallywags and the mold. . . Scream out ahoy! Lift up our spirits! Live on the vessel of the Lunar Pirate. [MEMJ] Regina noctis pro nobis, Regina noctis pro nobis, Lunae Lumen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Artworks by Marble Yarns: Vocalists: MEMJ0123: EileMonty: Get Loveheart and Lunar Pirate from the Bronies For Good, Seeds of Kindness Charity! Loveheart: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Post-commentary (and obligatory appreciation remarks): IT'S FAN-MUSIC!!! WHY U SO SERIOUS?!? I worked 5, maybe 6 months on and off with this thing, and my sister says this is a song she actually likes (I first said, "What? Really?", but I'm okay with that). But really, this is the most fun song I've ever made considering that I'm a pretty dull person making dull classical music that no DJ would play ma music in da club wit' banging heads and whippin' hair back n' forth. Now aside from the sudden shift of dialect while you're reading this, I want to thank Eilemonty and MEMJ for the awesome collaborations that made this song possible for charity. Like seriously. Thanks, and I know a simple description isn't enough, but I do hope to collab again! And of course thank Marble Yarns for the Captain Luna concept that helped inspire me to this piece! Go follow the Captain Luna Askblog on Tumblr, it's really neat! Tumblr: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Ridiculously Long Explanation for this song (Don't expect anything too serious or I'll fight you) Now the song is split into two parts. Part one is the "Reality" where MEMJ sings about love (like caring love, not creepy love) for Luna and switches between the perspective from a narrator to first person. The dancing and singing are thoughts that transition to actual dreams. The adventurous second part, sung by Eilemonty, is the "Dream." I guess Eilemonty's lyrics here are from Captain Luna's Perspective, akin to what Hollywood thinks of how pirates speak, but that's okay, because I doubt you can find any real pirates to talk to today who can give an authentic pirate dialect. Anyways, as the theme of the album is "A Beautiful Heart," my focus was definitely Luna having a beautiful heart for caring about her crew. I made this song for the caring love that she genuinely has for her subjects, even though ponies often fear her because of the Nightmare Moon incident. Yes, I made a pirate song for a charity, but I wanted to share that you can steal a heart from others with loving care and that sort of mushy stuff, and it makes a pretty cool Spanish Flamenco song. Personally, this is the first song I actually enjoy that's from my own work. Most of the time I'm always a bit dissatisfied. Anyways if you have read down to this point then I suggest you should stahp and go buy the charity album by now. GO!!! Download Links not available other than through the charity. Soundcloud: Instrumental: Midi: Sheet Music (Vocals Only):

    Carbon+Maest ro+-+Lunar+P irate++ft.+M EMJ+and+Eile monty+

  • Eile Monty and Acoustic Brony - Sexy and I know it - BUCK Con 2013

    Duration: 3:25 - FileType: mp3 - Bitrate: 192 Kbps

    Eile Monty and Acoustic Brony - Sexy and I know it - BUCK Con 2013

    Eile Monty and Acoustic Brony perform "Sexy and I know it" at BUCK Con 2013's "Summer Sun Celebration" evening event, 23rd August 2013. Sorry for the quality, the video was recorded on a Samsung Galaxy S3 at high zoom, and I'm still working out how to use the damn thing properly.

    Eile+Monty+and+Acoustic+ Brony+-+Sexy+and+I+know+ it+-+BUCK+Con+2013

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